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Taxonomia Compozitiei Siteului

A Taxonomy of Information Patterns

Information can be portrayed visually in a number of ways. Some structures provide a better fit with the data than others. Here are some patterns that are useful for displaying a wide range of academic and practical content.

Used to show..


different aspects of a central idea or element

Person Cluster

Money Web
Car Buying


categories and subcategories, or organizational structures

Conceptual Hierarchy
Organizational Hierarchy

Classroom Hierarchy

Venn Diagram

membership in overlapping categories

2-concept Venn
3-concept Venn

Comparing 3 Students
America vs. Rome
Card Hands


sequence of events over time

Personal Lifeline

Noam Chomsky
American Revolution


steps in a procedure or process

Linear Flowchart
Branching Flowchart

Rube Goldberg

Concept Map

a system of labeled relationships among concepts and examples

Concept Map

About Concept Maps

Causal Loop Diagram

systems of cause and effect

Causal Loop

CHI paper

Comparison Matrix

characteristics of a set of comparable items

Feature Comparison Chart

Inductive Tower

building inferences and generalizations from data

Inductive Tower

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